THU-A01 From Courtesy To Competitive Necessity, Why Package Management Matters
THU-A02 Keeping an Eye on Smart Home Technology is Smart
THU-A03 A Change Will Do You Good
THU-A04 Building a Talent Pipeline – Paying it Forward through Partnerships and handout 1, 2
THU-A05 Fair Housing: ‘Sex’ Education for Property Management and handout 
THU-A06 Reputation Revival – #ORMrealness
THU-A07 How The Zero Moment Of Truth Requires Us To Change Sales
THU-A08 Supplier Skills: Surprising Lessons from 100 Days of Rejection
THU-A09 NAHMA Presents: A Year After SCOTUS – Latest Trends in Disparate Impact

THU-B01 Google Me – Fostering an Innovative Company Culture
THU-B02 Leasing Existing Apartments in a New Construction Market
THU-B03 Staying Power – A Team Engagement, Recruitment & Retention Reconstruct.
THU-B04 Stop the Enabling: Are You Part of the Problem?
THU-B05 Design Matters: Design’s increasing importance & its impact on multifamily
THU-B06 Strategic Procurement! Mastering the Art of Purchasing Intelligently
THU-B07 Tech Takes Over: Strategies for Onboarding New Communities
THU-B08 Supplier Skills: LinkedIn – How Good is Your Profile?
THU-B09 NAHMA Presents: Affordable Workforce Housing – Identifying the Need and Potential Solutions

THU-C01 Strategic Applications of Emotional Intelligence and handout 
THU-C02 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the TOP and handout 
THU-C03 It’s Not Just a Review. It’s Free Market Research. and handout
THU-C04 Data, Data, Data: What’s the Right Data for my Community?
THU-C05 Lease Ups: Avoiding the Terrible Twos with Revenue Management
THU-C06 Return on Energy: Harnessing the Power of Utility Data
THU-C07 Transitioning Properties from Due Diligence to Operational Brilliance
THU-C08 Supplier Skills: Can You Handle The Truth? Insights from Industry Experts
THU-C09 NAHMA Presents: Key Federal Legislative and Regulatory Issues Impacting Affordable Multifamily Housing

FRI-A01 Yelp Can Help! So Much Information, So Little Time.
FRI-A02 How Women Win in Leadership
FRI-A03 Your Multifamily Cyber Security Playbook
FRI-A04 Homelessness In America-What Can We Do To Help? and handout
FRI-A06 Created Equal? Leads Aren’t Lottery Tickets
FRI-A07 Maintenance Training Roundtable
FRI-A08 Base Access and Tenant Waterfall “Debate” with Armed Services Leadership
FRI-A09 NAHMA Presents: Affordable Housing Preservation Options – Save it, Sell it, Buy it

FRI-B01 The Resident Loyalty Facelift: Stop Thinking Programs…Think Experience!
FRI-B02 Zillow Uncovers Economic Trends in Multifamily Housing
FRI-B03 Dissecting the DNA of Boomer Renters – NCIS Style
FRI-B04 Cool As a Cucumber: Public Relations in Times of Crisis
FRI-B05 In-depth Analytics of Pricing Discovery
FRI-B06 Return on Energy: Smart Apartments & “Internet of Things”
FRI-B07 Proactive v. Reactive: Extending the Life of Your Assets
FRI-B08 Portfolio Long-Term Health: Sustainment of Privatized Military Assets
FRI-B09 How to REAC: Getting Your Best Score on HUD-REAC Inspections and handouts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

FRI-C01 Succeeding in a Mobile World: Google Talks Micro-Moments and More
FRI-C02 45 New Ideas to Create Extraordinary Leasing Experiences!
FRI-C03 Talk to the Hand! How to Deal With Difficult People
FRI-C04 ’Now Hiring:’ A Better Way to Reach and Retain Millennials
FRI-C05 Next Generation Leaders – Developing Millenials for Success
FRI-C06 Return on Energy: Keeping the Ball Rolling on Multifamily Efficiency
FRI-C07 Preventative Maintenance… ‘Who Has the Time?’
FRI-C08 Building Customer Statisfaction & Loyalty: One Survey at a Time
FRI-C09 HUD/DOJ Mystery Shopping – Stay Compliant and Out of Litigation