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Encore Learning: Google Me – Fostering an Innovative Company Culture

Join us on Thursday, September 22 at 3:00 p.m. EDT for a free encore learning webinar featuring one of the top-rated sessions from this year! Speakers include Tracy Bowers, Managing Director, Matrix Residential – Pollack Shores Real Estate Group; Audra Frances Lamoon,  Managing Director, Livewire Performance; Lee Bienstock, Head of Real Estate Partnerships, Google Fiber, Google; and Dana G. Pate, Director of Marketing, Matrix Residential – Pollack Shores Real Estate Group (moderator).

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Encore Learning

Leasing Existing Apartments in a New Construction Market

With thousands of brand new apartments in the pipeline, existing apartments need to stay as competitive as possible. Just because something is ‘shiny and new’ doesn’t mean it’s better. Discover the true benefits to leasing existing apartments; gain referrals from new construction comps; ‘draft off’ their marketing dollars (at zero cost to you); learn about technologies you can use to lease more apartments; find the secrets to successful lead follow up and learn how to sell the value that your property offers. You’ll also learn how to increase the confidence of both yourself and your prospect in this interactive session.


Sneak Peek Webinars

A Change Will Do You Good

“Change is the only constant we have”. We’ve all heard this. So, if change is guaranteed, then why do so many struggle with it? According to a Katzenbach Center Survey, the success rate of major change initiatives is only 54%! Be challenged to explore a pragmatic change model that is transformational.

Staying Power:A Team Engagement Recruitment & Retention Reconstruct 

Predictions show a shortage of skilled labor as Baby Boomers retire. Many apartment markets are also on accelerated growth platforms, resulting in new opportunities for multifamily professionals. Some may be considering other options, like offering more money and/or flexibility, as well as career growth. They may be thinking, should I stay…or should I go? Smart operators are focused on efforts to address the intangibles, the implied and overall recruitment & retention methods to meet changing marketplace dynamics.